Leases between landlords and tenants must be registered by the competent authority in each emirate. Registration of rental contracts is mandatory to combine the services required for rental accommodation. These include water, electricity, gas and telecommunications services. Thank you monik for our letter. You can rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi while you have a work visa in Dubai, but we advise you to check with the official authorities for the latest information. The list of required documents usually depends on your landlord and agency, but most rental contracts require: In 2006, the Abu Dhabi Law Number 20 was promulgated to settle the relationship between the landlord and the tenant in areas such as rent increases and eviction of the tenant of the property. Prior to the 2010 amended Act 4, landlords could not require tenants to evacuate the apartment after their tenancy agreement expired. However, circumstances have changed as a result of the following amendments. The right to rent has not been defined exclusively by national legislation or by legal acts in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. However, we can say that this is a group of laws that govern the rental relationship between the parties, either for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, through the establishment of certain mechanisms.

In addition, all stages of the procedure relating to such cooperation between the parties are defined and the sanction is set for disregarding the rules already established. My wife returns as she lost her job, we have an apartment in abudhabi that is under her name, but our renewal is December 27, 2020 I can pay all documents and checks in her name, so she will not be able to come to that time or as my name is in the rental agreement , I can file my documents for the next renewal. if your lease expires. This legislation of the Abu Dhabi Rent Act also allows landlords to refuse to renew the lease if they wish. The right to lease introduced a 5% rent ceiling for the lease, but the ceiling was abolished on November 9, 2013, but the ceiling was reinstated effective December 13, 2016, in accordance with Abu Dhabi Council Resolution 14 of 2016. Under the Commission`s decision, both parties can set the rent for the duration of the appointment tenancy, but if the rent is not decided, the landlord has the power to increase the rent each year. Hello is it true that 360 in the island of abudhabi reem load 800 dirhams to RENEW a tautheeq? In 2012, the Abu Dhabi Executive Board passed Law 32, which lifted the rent ceiling and allowed homeowners to raise house prices based on market prices. However, the decree required landlords to give tenants two months to indicate the changed price. Thank you for writing to us.

In this case, as the problem is not related to the actual lease, we recommend that it be best to check directly with the authorities and ask for their advice on what to do next. You can contact the Tawtheeq authorities at 026788888. We wish you the best of luck with the move! The resolution mentions that the annual rent increase of 5% (5%) Article 16 of Law 20 out of 20 provided that the rent is assessed from 10 November 2013, as agreed between the two parties. In case of rental dispute between the landlord and contact with tenants: In Dubai, landlords must declare leases to the RERA Ejari network. Tenants must pay accommodation fees to the Dubai Municipality, which is calculated with 5% of the annual rental fee. Accommodation costs will be added to monthly electricity and water bills. Hello RM, I move to a new apartment and the agent there said he will make a business provide a deal and I have to do tawtheeq myself, but if I want them to do it, then they will calculate 200dhs extra, Is it okay to go with him? Please guide you, how I am new in these things, thanks to planning to move to Abu Dhabi? Here`s some good news – rents in Abu Dhabi are down! To browse our last