We speak of an admission for pharmacists with higher education, with all the nobility of this profession, once considered under the wise men of the city and who could sit in the assemblies of the commune. A fairly common practice, as confirmed by the announcements made on the most visited specialized site in Algeria and of which we will take as reference three ads of hundreds of people posted to enlighten our readers. „The pharmacy, located in a village near Gdyel since 2008, is exempt from approval with a commercial fund.“ Or „sell a pharmacy in a village near Oran“ and better yet, „Doctor of Pharmacy looking for a financial partner to purchase a national authorization.“ In Oran, as elsewhere in the country, it is no secret that the authorization to open a pharmacy sells for between 02 and 04 billion depending on the influx of the population. The minimum resources required for access to pharmacy and medical programs are 15.73 and 15.64 respectively for integrated preparatory classes in architecture (formerly Epau), with the student expected to average 15.39 and an average of 17.09 in the computer science preparatory classes for the bachelor`s degree. Pharmacists denounce a „control“ of the policy in granting accreditations, „some authorizations granted by the commissions are intended for children of senior officials or members of Parliament who do not meet the conditions“, explains this pharmacist, not without a smile around the corner. The normal course of events has always been at the heart of pharmacists` requests at various meetings of these corporations, referring in fact to certain points and essentials, namely the handing over of an acknowledgment to any pharmacist who requests the creation of pharmacies, and the posting of the list of recipients and service applicants in chronological order. Like any other sector, the profession has been troubled and, in order to achieve this extremely worrying but widely accepted situation, let us return to the reasons that led to the fact that the admission was the subject of such an activity, and to do so, we have approached the people of the corporation and a pharmacist who, at first, will categorically confirm this fact. but also denounces the „illegal“ authorization for the opening of pharmacies. He will say, „I applied for authorization to open a pharmacy in 2002 and I am still waiting for the answer, while other applications filed in 2015 have been approved by the Health and Population Directorate,“ said the pharmacist, who graduated in 2001. Worse still, our interlocutors are also putting on the table the control work of the trade directorate, which must protect consumers, and, for good reason, illegally activate offices, and it turns out that fake graduates or who have nothing to do with the training of pharmacists are behind their tables to sell very sensitive products, such as medicines.