Sometimes we offer certain customers different types of test affiliations or other action members who are subject to these conditions, unless otherwise stated in the action offers. Trial members can decide at any time (via your account) not to pay the paid subscription at the end of the trial period. Welcome to the terms and conditions („Conditions“) for Amazon Prime. These conditions apply between you and Services LLC and/or their associated companies („“ or „Ones“) and govern our respective rights and obligations. Please note that your use of the website and Prime subscription will also be subject to the agreements listed below and related, as well as all other conditions, restrictions and requirements applicable on the website, which will be included in these conditions (as has been changed over time). When you sign up for a Prime subscription, you agree to these conditions, conditions, restrictions and requirements. The purpose of this (permissive) program is to provide agencies with another authorized tool for collecting offers and purchasing non-contract purchases and to use a centralized Amazon Prime membership, which eliminates Prime personal affiliation related to government purchases and separate agency accounts. With this free centralized service, we can achieve the same benefits, while reducing our risk of fraud and ethics. Amazon Business will be launched at the end of August 2019. d. Cancellation of subscriptions/subscriptions. If you have registered directly via us for your video subscription or subscription, you can cancel your account at any time by visiting your account and adjusting your membership settings, by contacting Amazon`s customer service, or by using a cancellation form that we make available to you on your Video Marketplace (note here) or, if you are acting with a third party for the Amazon subscription or the corresponding affiliate service through a third party.

If, within 3 working days of registering or converting a paid subscription (or for CUSTOMERS in the European Union, you are terminating or converting from a free trial to a paid membership), we will refund you your full membership fee; unless we can charge you the value of the service used in your account during this period (or withdraw you from your refund). You also expressly agree that the service will begin within your withdrawal period. If you resign at another time, we will only refund your full membership if the digital content available as part of your video-only subscription has not been accessed through your account since your last membership fee. If you access the service as part of a Prime subscription, the cancellation and refund terms that apply to you are set out in the main terms of use of your video marketplace (listed here). If you accessed the service as part of an Amazon subscription or an Amazon member for whom you work through a third party, the cancellation and refund terms applicable to you may differ and be defined by that third party, and you may need to contact that third party to cancel your subscription or obtain a refund in accordance with current guidelines. We may, at our discretion, terminate your Prime subscription without notice. If we do, we will give you a refund based on the number of full months that remain in your membership. However, we will not grant a refund for any termination of conduct that, at our discretion, violates these conditions or applicable legislation, involves fraud or abuse of Prime membership, or harms our interests or any other user. Our inability to insist on your strict adherence to these conditions or to enforce them does not constitute a waiver of our rights. Click here for more information on the additional premium benefits. We also offer Prime members additional memberships subject to these conditions, they need to be premium members, and