Information on the training contract that must be signed by the employer and the apprentice or trainee at the beginning of an apprenticeship or internship training. To change your training or internship, you need to change your training contract. This form is used for the department to extend the nominal duration (end date) of the training contract and thus extend the apprenticeship or internship. Information and services are available to assist employers, apprentices and apprentices in the event of more serious concerns. Visit the FEDER page to find the corresponding erA model for the apprenticeship or internship sector, as well as additional information on the ERDF guidelines. This form applies to the service terminating the training contract for an apprenticeship or internship if the two parties agree. All apprenticeships and internships in Queensland are competency-based. This means that you progress through it, that you can acquire skills and knowledge instead of studying for a while. If you, your employer and your SRTO agree to have met all the requirements of your training program, you can start completing your contract. A registered supervised training organization, duly satisfied with an apprentice, having completed an apprenticeship or internship, but unable to obtain any of the party`s approval or signature signatures, may use this form to ask the department to investigate the matter. New version: Training assistance is now available to apprentices and apprentices whose training contracts have been terminated directly due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Published on 05.01.2020. This form must be completed by the employer, apprentice and regulated training organization (SRTO) to inform the department when an apprentice has acquired all the skills required in his training program and a qualification has been issued by the SRTO.

The department will then use this form to make an apprenticeship or internship contract. This form can be used in place of the ATF-011 to complement the electrical learning places. This combined form has two objectives: changes to the details of your training contract as your employer, to monitor the registered training organization (SRTO), the type or qualification, the extension of your trial period or training contract or the suspension of training or internship. This form is used to inform the department of the change of supervised training organization registered for one or more apprentices. This form can be used to apply to the graduation department if the Accredited Training Organization (SRTO) has ceased to work as a Registered Training Organization (RTO) for the apprentice before a final agreement is signed by the parties and the SRTO. This form is used by SUPERVISING REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION ONLY to inform the department of a transfer of qualification for one or more apprentices as a result of an update to the national training programme. This form is used either by the employer or by an apprentice to ask the service to temporarily suspend the training contract for up to 12 months if it is reasonably believed that a party is unable to meet its obligations under the training contract. Note regarding TRAINING ORGANISATIONS: Please ensure that all pages of the application form are made available to the trainee or apprentice, who must read the travel and accommodation conditions before signing the application form.