Be aware that your agreement will be subject to a judicial investigation. The judge responsible for your case can replace his conditions, as he sees fit. You and your partner can do this yourself once you have decided on what you need to change to your agreement. Are you looking for a model marriage contract? Once Clearway Lite is done, you can download one here. Since we were children, we have been fed and even forcibly nurtured with the idea that marriage is something of „until death worries us.“ Hello, We are planning for the first weekend of June a wedding party rather „last minute“. This will undoubtedly serve as fuel for the fire that will make your wedding ashes. You also know that unfair treaties attract litigation, and that is something you do not want to deal with. Pensions can be a major benefit in a marriage contract and should be discussed. You will be asked to sign a protocol stating that you are waiving your right to a pension in the event of divorce. This can be dissociated from your agreement, but it is annexed to the document and is open to all persons involved in pensions, such as employers and pension plan administrators in this Communication. .

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