This tab does not apply to professional BT customers who have taken mobile EE or T-Mobile customers. Solution Update Conditions (OBSMA, OBSCA, OBA) (.pdf 730 KB) > Please note: As of July 1, 2015, calls to numbers 116, 0800 and 0808 will be free for our small business customers and will not be deducted from the client`s included amounts as part of a plan. On November 6, 2012, it was announced that EE had only entered into a partnership with mobile payment company iZettle. The agreement allowed EE to sell the company`s mini-debit/credit cards, which allow small businesses to make payments with their mobile phones. The devices were first sold in 297 EE stores and through EE`s Telesales channel. [78] In early 2013, Ipsos MORI signed an agreement with EE in which Ipsos MORI would market the data of the company`s 23 million subscribers, for example „how many phone users have checked their Facebook accounts or the website of their favorite store“. [110] Later that year, the Sunday Times revealed that Ipsos MORI had negotiated an agreement to sell the data to the police and other parties. The data contained „sex, age, zip code, websites visited, the text of the day is sent [and] the customer`s location when the call is made.“ When confronted by the newspaper, the police said they would not pursue the agreement. Ipsos MORI defended its approach, while EE declined to comment. [111] [112] In addition to 5G-compatible plans, EE is introducing exclusive technology plans for its most popular devices for the first time to ensure that business customers can make the most of the technology they have chosen and manage work-life balance more effectively.

These are the terms and conditions and prices that can apply to business customers with EE, Orange and T-Mobile plans. Certain standard conditions and prices may also apply to BT commercial customers who have subscribed to EE mobile in a BT contract, as shown in the BT Conditions tab below and in your contract with BT. If business customers need downtime, EE`s new business plans can offer exclusive access to smart benefits such as Apple Music, BT Sport Ultimate, Amazon Prime Video and BritBox, allowing them to take advantage of a number of entertainment options. These updated mobile business plans allow customers not only to enjoy the fastest 5G network, but also unlimited data and a number of unique smart benefits. Exclusively for EE customers, business handset customers also cover the lifetime warranty and free replacement of their device at no extra cost and the ability to update on a new device during their contract. Data Protection Directive – applicable from 30 October 2012 – This privacy policy also applies to all BT business customers who have entered into a BT mobile EE contract. EE Pay Monthly Terms for Small Business v05 – valid from September 1, 2020 (.pdf 219KB) > These terms and conditions apply to new EEs and upgrades for small businesses that have agreed to an online or telephone sales contract with EE Limited or an EE upgrade contract from September 1, 2020. These terms and conditions do not apply to BT commercial customers who have entered into a BT mobile EE contract. And as part of the plans, EE customers have access to unlimited data speeds as part of their data volume to enable customers to use the full capacity of the EE network. To ensure that businesses are fully reassured, EE goes even further, with the introduction of reserve data that automatically starts as soon as a customer`s amount of high-speed data arrives. Reserve data is fast enough to allow users to continue to access all the essential business and entertainment tools to ensure customers stay connected when they need it most.