A customer may indicate in the communication media that their management system or products have been certified and apply the corresponding certification mark to stationery and advertising documents relating to the scope of the registration, as required by their license agreement. However, the customer cannot apply this mark with respect to his products, unless these products have been certified for product compliance. The inability of governments to reach a remarkable form of consensus in the form of a legally binding international agreement has led to both disillusionment and an opportunity for change through the participation of civil society and economic actors in the creation of a „soft law“. [13] The creation of the Forest Stewardship Council in response to this disillusionment also represents a global change of government to governance, and its creation is a prime example of the use of market and economic factors to create a movement in a global environmental issue. [17] The developing historical context in which the FSC was formed is an expression of much broader skepticism of state power and thus an abandonment of traditional forms of state-centred regulation. Although the FSC crosses national borders, the state continues to play a role in the regulatory landscape of the indigenous forest and, as such, the FSC must develop appropriate national governance to reflect this development. [13] After receiving a completed questionnaire, a „licensing agreement for the FSC certification system“ is sent to the client. Once a copy of this copy has been received by the certification body, a proposal is forwarded to the client, which outlines the scope and cost of the services at the same time as an application agreement (agreement on FM Pre-Assessment or FM Main Assessment or CoC Assessment). Upon the return of the agreement, the project is assigned to an auditor responsible for ensuring that the services are performed according to the certification body`s procedures.

Allens is pleased to have been involved in updating the Financial Services Council`s Investment Management Bid Agreement. The provision of FSC members and other industrial materials with good practice materials ensures that the sector meets high standards. The revised and improved licensing agreement for the FSC certification system will first be implemented with a pilot phase beginning in the second quarter of 2020 in Brazil, China, Germany, Russia and the United States, before being extended to other countries later this year. FSC: When issuing a certificate, the certification body authorizes the customer to use a specific certification mark and the FSC mark. The customer`s right to use such a mark depends on the fact that he obtains and maintains a valid certificate for the management system and/or certified products and that he respects the license agreement associated with it. Certificate holders should keep in mind that signing the license agreement is mandatory in order to maintain certification. The absence of a license agreement signed after December 2010 constitutes significant non-compliance. Companies applying for FSC certification after December 31, 2009 must sign a licensing agreement prior to certification.

Certified companies should have received a direct message from FSC about these changes. If you are a NEPCon customer and have not received the message, please contact us. A copy of the management systemOr asks, the certification body, which presents the responsibility and structure of the organization, as well as documentation on the legal status of the certification body, is available on request. (a) the client must return all copies of the certificate to the certification body; The client recognizes the title of FSC`s intellectual property rights and that FSC retains full ownership of the intellectual property rights and that nothing is considered a right of the client to use or use any of the intellectual property rights.