2) If the agreement is registered, you can obtain a certified copy of registrar`s shelter 2. Is there a clause in the agreement that sets the time frame within which the developer is automatically considered to have completed the development that has not been fully completed? … The declaration requiring the validity of the aforementioned termination and the cancellation of the development contract cannot be effectively invoked, as the appeal before the Tribunal contends. The beu reliefs… and damages arise from the assumption that the development contract between the plaintiff and defendant No. 1 was properly terminated by plaintiff/opposing party No. 1. In the absence of a… February 24, 2011, for the termination of the development contract, issued by the first defendant in the (today plaintiff / opposing party No. 1) is bad in law and is not binding on the plaintiff… 24.

In a counter-response, the applicant argues that the Greater Bombay Municipal Corporation has already rejected the respondent`s application for an IOD filed in March 2011. The respondent received a much later IOD that did not comply with the provisions of the development agreement. The respondent had assured the petitioner to provide a guarantee to the bank and to incriminate TDR before the members of the petitioner evacuated the premises. However, the members of the petitioner were willing and willing to evacuate their respective premises, as the respondent had not fulfilled his various obligations, so that the phase of the petitioner`s members who were evacuating their premises had not been created. Although the petitioner accepted several concessions requested by the respondent, such as the limited TDR loading. B, the respondent cannot even charge the limited TDR. If the copy of the above agreement is in your possession, you can continue by hearing notice on the basis of the termination clause. 30. To the extent that several of the respondent`s other statements, that the respondent did not commit any offence relied upon by the petitioner, relate to my primacy, none of these statements are contained.

A review of the minutes, prima-facie, shows that the respondent committed various violations on his part and committed a significant delay. Although the letter of intent had already been issued by the applicant on May 16, 2010 until the agreement had been reached in favour of the respondent, no steps were taken to have the petitioner`s respective residences released by respecting his part of the undertaking. In this situation, I have the impression that the respondent would not have the right to claim a special benefit under Section 14 of the Specific Relief Act of 1963. … Ten months have passed, nothing has been done. In addition, on 17.11.2017, the complainants sent out a notice of invitation asking the OPs to execute an earlier termination statement to cancel the development contract… No documents were submitted, the OP would request either the cancellation of the development contract or the documents necessary to sanction the plan, but it did not take such a step. No letter.

In possession of these. A development agreement was implemented by and between the complainants and the POs, registered on 26.05.2014.