This plan allows us to better manage your irrigation system. After each visit, you will receive as a courtesy a list of the dates scheduled for the year as well as a summary of the visit by email. This is our most popular plan! „If the shipyard has a service contract, we know this farm and we can adapt the controller so that the customer does not spend more money than is necessary for irrigation.“ Turn-On, Mid-Summer – Winterize, all of which are essential for irrigation systems. As a courtesy, you will receive a list of your appointments scheduled for the year, as well as a summary of your mid-summer service service by email. An additional service that you can offer as part of the spring launch – or at any time if the system works – is the certification of the cash flow device. Most cities and municipalities need annual tests on reflux devices. Tests and certifications can be part of the ISC or performed for a fee. Some companies offer a number of options for their customers. One company is proposing a „Platinum“ plan that offers $750 per month between May and October for visits to seven to nine irrigation areas. Cash flow prevention certification costs an additional $50. Their „Money“ plan, which includes a start-up, a shutdown and a single service inspection for the middle of the season in July, is $295 for the same number of irrigation areas. The version of McLaughlin`s silver plan costs $190 a year, while KT Irrigation costs $360 $US, but includes two mid-season inspections. Greg McLaughlin, owner of McLaughlin Landscaping in Hermiston, Oregon, offers his clients a popular watering service contract.

He says ISC customers are better than average customers. „We looked at the numbers,“ he admits, „and we`ve been following sales closely since the recession. In 2009, our total sales were 24% lower than in 2007, but our irrigation services sector fell by only 10%. Since 2009, we have recovered half of our total sales, but our irrigation service store is back where it was. Thank God for our ISC case. The numbers do not lie; It`s a bigger piece of our cake. CSIs, whether formal or informal, always begin with winterization and early spring (provided you are in an area where frost is a hazard). Wintering involves adjusting the system`s water supply, which usually involves inspecting and closing the spherical joint. Then rinse all the water from the watering components – including pipes, heads and valves – by rinsing the compressed air through the system. This avoids frost damage. Finally, lower the controller to prevent it from sending commands to the system, whether the controller is „smart“ or mechanical. Different contractors add different bells and whistles.

KT Irrigation, for example, offers an extended-life guarantee at the „Gold“ and „Platinum“ level for the systems it has installed as long as the customer has an ISC with the company to support maintenance. Collis`s theory is that if the system gets bogged down properly and it is maintained, it doesn`t have to do a lot of warranty work. „We have a fair reserve for expanded warranties,“ he explains, „which means the customer will pay for broken sprinkler heads, etc. Otherwise, I have nothing against being on the hook for systems that I know are well maintained. McLaughlin also offers a version of a warranty. „We`re not saying we give 100% guarantee of our work, but in practice we do. We are a service-oriented com-pany. One thing we take for granted is to offer a reduced service contract every time we do an installation. It`s a way to attract even more customers. Lipetzky`s Irrigation – Landscape strives to provide the best possible service.