The second stimulation check is expected to reach $1,200 per person who meets the requirements. We draw this conclusion because this amount has been mentioned in many proposals from the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It is also the same amount as the first round of stimulation checks. „We are in talks. And if I have a conversation with the administration, it`s in good faith. I hope that Minister Mnuchin will represent something that can lead to a solution. And I think we can agree. Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin and House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi announced the resumption of negotiations for a new stimulus package that could include a second round of stimulus. However, the multi-party proposal does not provide for a new $1,200 cyclical review. The money from the second stimulation control can be used for everything.

While it`s best to consult a financial advisor, here are some smart ways to use your check. For more information on stimulation controls, here`s how you can get your second stimulation check now, what you should do to speed up the delivery of a second potential review, and what you know about the HEALS, CARES and Heroes Stimulus Bill suggestions that could help inform a final package. Congress is trying to pass a stimulus package that will last only a few weeks before the end of 2020 and could include a second direct payment. This is where today`s negotiations are. Later Friday, at a concert in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, McConnell said, „I don`t know if we`ll get another package or not.“ WASHINGTON – The White House is increasing its offer at Friday`s UP-and-down COVID 19 aid talks in hopes of a deal before election day, even though the GOP`s most powerful ally in President Donald Trump`s Senate said Congress would bring no relief by then. If negotiators agree on a stimulus package, it will fail either in the House of Representatives or in the Senate: in this situation, Democrats and Republicans could advance their own proposals, which could happen in their majority chambers, but which fail (or are not taken into account) by the other. In that case, Congress could try again after Biden is sworn in as president. If a stimulus package is reached before January 20, an agreement will be reached and the current House of Representatives and Senate will vote before the new Congress meets in January.

If Trump signed the bailout, aid would likely expire in the coming weeks, with some groups receiving financial assistance before the end of 2020.