These preparations can help minimize potential frustrations. How are we going to deal with the other main challenge of maintaining this momentum and keeping the precious time? The second formal meeting will set development goals. All subsequent meetings will benefit from established productive performance criteria, including the review of development objectives and the conduct of progress audits. This aspect is the long-term substance of the tutoring process. The biggest challenge for your partnership is the time required. Remember that this agreement is supported in addition to the professional and personal calendar and that the tutoring partnership requires time, energy and work to ensure success. To compensate for these aspects, a close agreement and structured meetings can minimize the waste of time and energy. When entering into a partnership, you have already guaranteed your commitment, so you simply need tools to hold on. This agreement defines the expectations and objectives as well as the specificities of the relationship. See our tutoring agreement document (PDF). The agreement should contain contact information (including preferred methods and time), define a meeting plan, set the objectives and objectives of both parties, set dates for checking progress and a date for termination. Once this is negotiated and completed, you are ready to start your tutoring partnership….