They agree to be bound to the requirements and conditions of the instruction notice and operating regulations of all card associations applicable in their current version. Copies can be found at bank offices. The bank has the right to notify any card association or other party concerned if this agreement is terminated for any reason. Distributors understand that card associations publish a list of names (including principles) of merchants who have been fired for the reason. Merchant undertakes to compensate the bank (in accordance with the provisions of these provisions) and any combination of cards of any right that merchants or any other person may have as a result of their inclusion on such a list. The distributor guarantees that it has not been included on such a list before. You agree to keep and retrieve records in accordance with the instructions and operating regulations and verify them. If the bank introduces you to a debit card program, this assistance will only be extended for the duration of the agreement. not be treated by a terminal in another location. The distributor must be equipped with properly installed and programmed terminals or other devices capable of transmitting, receiving and communicating data relating to the card transaction. If Merchant provides software or equipment or uses third-party system providers, Merchant is solely responsible for all aspects of compatibility, installation, operation and integration of systems that meet the operating rules and processing requirements of banks.

If necessary, Merchant has a separate agreement with one or more card associations that allows the merchant to accept and process card transactions. All card transactions (including debit cards, travel vouchers or accommodation booking services) are subject to the terms and conditions of all card association rules and regulations (operating regulations) and instructions for use. Traders accept these conditions. The merchant undertakes to consider all valid cards without discrimination and, at the end of each business day, to submit to the bank all valid sales and credit vouchers (article) for card transactions for his activity exclusively at the bank, according to the terms and conditions below, which the bank and merchants accept. Reserve account. At any time and for any reason (including termination of this agreement, unauthorized transactions, termination of activity, insolvency, excessive withdrawals, alleged or actual fraud or competing claims), we reserve the right to request: and you agree to deposit and maintain unpaid accounts, additional funds or other security that we can request with us (which we may agree with) , or, at our sole discretion, with a financial institution that we have designated on a reserve account (the reserve account) that must be financed in accordance with the Bank`s instructions, but within three (3) days, in amounts and conditions that we have defined at our sole discretion. In cases of unauthorized transactions, fraud or alleged termination or termination due to cause, such reserve account financing may occur immediately. We can also finance the reserve account through payment deductions due from transactions or a debit to the settlement account or any other account.