Synchronous communication is called by requirement and response procedure, and the output of the process is returned immediately after the process. In general, you can say that a synchronized scenario is when a sending process sends a request to the recipient and waits for a response. If an error occurs on the recipient`s page, the sender app is responsible for sending the message again. I think your switch from single to double stack so sees the shipping agreement. Note: If you can`t see your sender interface, if you click on F4, select „ALL“ in the „All Ports“ option. Step 10 – Save the file and activate the recipient`s communication channel. After creating a transmitter and receiver communication channel, you create an integrated configuration. I would just like to ask what is the main purpose of the shipping agreement in SAP PI 7.5? Step 7 – Once you`ve entered the source file, click Save. Click Activate as soon as the transmitter`s communication channel is stored, → activate → close. The SAP PI architecture consists of several components used for design time, set-up time and execution. In SAP PI, the transmitter system is designated as the source and the receiver as the target system and architecture the Hub and Spoke structure. Spoke is used to connect with external systems, and Hub is used for message exchange.

If there is an error, the sender must send a message again. The transmitter system and the receiving system should not be online at the same time. If you want to develop a module for sender/FTP adapters and access the file name in the module, check out SAP 819761. The shipping agreement links the outgoing interface to the transmitter channel in the classic scenario, like the „Incoming Processing“ tab of the integrated configuration object. Error in the reply message – In this scenario, there is an error, and the reply message remains stuck in between, and the sender continues to wait. ? At least the name of the interface and the sending service must be qualified in the shipping agreement. All other fields are optional under the general rules for defining shipping agreements. In this scenario, the sender`s responses must be correlated to requirements. We have just started upgrading to SAP PI 7.5 for our next version of SAP PI 7.4 and as we check the difference between the two versions, the shipping agreement is again included in 7.5 (correct me if I`m wrong).

Step 2 – In the communication component, enter the previously used sender component. SAP offers a netWeaver-based middleware, the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. SAP NetWeaver PI provides a message in a specific format called The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP-HTTP).