Over time, you may need to modify and update the contract. By amending the contract, you can indicate your changes without having to establish an entirely new agreement. This is useful if you only have to make a few changes instead of a complete revision of the language. The software can be delivered to the licensee in different ways. The traditional method is a physical deployment on a tangible storage medium like CD, DVD, USB, external hard drive, etc. This may increase the physical delivery time by mail or require coordination between the licensee and the licensee to complete and receive physical storage media. It has also become common to provide electronic software via email, via private networks, downloaded from hosted sites and much more. This method may make the delivery time more immediate, but it may require a degree of technological sophistication on the part of both the licensee and the licensee. The licensee and licensee should consider and select the delivery method, schedule and location that meet the needs of both parties. In the business license model, a company can acquire a license that authorizes a specified number of user rights. In such a model, a well-developed license would at least explain what constitutes a user, how users can be added and deleted, what users` rights are on different license grants, the cost of purchasing new users and the cost of purchasing the original group of users. But the choices to structure as each of these conditions would be totally dependent on the business model and the product offering made available by the software company. Therefore, if the chosen terms are deleted and inserted from an inconsistent form agreement, it is almost certain that the terms chosen will be wrong and make no sense.

Ideally, the software will be tested and the licensee will accept that the software is working properly. However, if the software fails and results in unacceptable or unexpected results, the licensee has the option to correct the software error. If the licensee is unable to correct the software error, the licensee has the option to refuse the software and terminate the contract.