The extension is expected to be completed by September 30, 2021. The agreement also includes $12 million of the Charter for the deployment of broadband to 45,000 other upstate addresses. „Customer class complaints represent a greater threat, where the damage tends to be much greater – billions. I can imagine a scenario in which small businesses can sue Spectrum for business failure (slow internet slows down credit card transactions, connecting with customers, etc.). Now it`s a public relations disaster and will probably do a lot more harm to Spectrum than fines,“ he said. New York and Charter Spectrum are engaged in a bitter fight after the state accused the state of failing to comply with the terms of its Time Warner Cable merger in 2016 and sued. Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) is required to issue refunds and offer certain premium paid services to qualified consumers pursuant to charter Communications, Inc.`s December 17, 2018 agreement with the Federal Prosecutor`s Office regarding Internet speed advertising. We encourage consumers to share their experience using Spectrum`s video streaming advantage by submitting the form below. NEW YORK – Attorney General Letitia James announced today that Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) has begun lending to New York consumers, as required by Charter Communications, Inc.`s December 17, 2018 transaction agreement. The transaction contract was the result of a complaint filed by the federal prosecutor`s office, claiming that the company had not provided customers with the reliable and fast Internet service it had promised.

Under the terms of the transaction, Charter is required to provide financial relief to qualified subscribers and to offer free video streaming services, as described below. In total, qualified subscribers will receive $62.5 million in bill credits. Subscribers do not need to fill out documents to get credit, but contact Spectrum to get streaming services. In a statement, Lara Pritchard, Charter Communications` senior director of communications, said that on Friday, the parties said they had reached a compromise. The Commission said Charter needed to double its investment in New York`s Upstate, estimated at $305 million in 2016. The fact sheets specify the proposed terms of an agreement to end a dispute. Current participants in the Internet service, If you have leased a DOCSIS 2.0 modem at or above 20 Mbps or an 802.11n wireless router at or above 200 Mbps or an old Cable Time Warner plan of 100 Mbps or more (as of February 1, 2017) will receive a credit of $75.