A massage envy membership makes it easy to follow your self-care routine and enjoy a regular massage. Most people find their prices quite attractive, as a similar massage will be almost twice as expensive elsewhere. Their membership costs $60 to $70 per month, depending on the location. We are often called leaders in accessible massage. Yes, the Envy Massage membership model has made popular the belief that massage can be comfortable and affordable, but from the beginning we believed there was more to it than that. We may not have always talked about massage and skin care in this way, but these ideals have been at the heart of our belief system from day one. Since its introduction in 2002, Massage Envy has grown rapidly. In fact, it has become the largest employer of massage therapists in the country. There are more than 1000 Envy massage franchise sites in 49 countries that want members who want the benefits of regular massage and affordable facials – $59.99 to $79.99 per month to choose a treatment or service. The change in prices depends on what each market will bear. As far as my husband is concerned, we were finally able to negotiate that he received 12 out of 14 massage gift cards that were to be offered to him in light of this evolution. We have all given them to friends and family and, of course, we will never return to the urge to massage or recommend them to everyone we know. Hello! I went to the urge to massage to update my information.

I was not told that a $260 tax would be deducted from my account. I want a refund and resign my membership. Thanks Frances fresneda But when I moved to the suburbs, I found it harder to find a selection of professionals who were readily available in town, and I decided one day to go into a massage envy for the same reasons that everyone wanted – it sounded like a lot and exactly what I needed. I told the front desk that I often received routine massages and wanted a very experienced therapist. I expressly said that I did not want someone directly out of school, but someone with at least five years of experience, since I regularly go for massage for more than 20 years and know the difference between a beginner and an experienced massage therapist. It is much more difficult to terminate membership for the initial term of the one-year contract than if you have a month-to-month contract. You can only cancel your one-year term if you meet the following conditions: I have therefore registered for your membership. I was told that after a certain date (within a week), I could stop by to sign the contract and get my free massage voucher. I had medical problems and because of the cost of medical problems at the same time as work, I found myself in a difficult financial situation that would no longer allow me to continue with membership. Remember, I never signed anything, I did not get the free coupon.

I talked w/her about my situation, and bc they did they just seem to freeze membership if something were to come. But now they tell me I have to get an explanation from my doctor – they`re still trying to top up my card. How can they do that if I have never signed a contract with them??? What to do???? Here`s how it works: You can try the massage craving for a special introductory price of $10 less than the price paid by members, but you can only do it once. It`s a great „special offer“ to bring new clients into the door and show them „love“ with a fantastic massage therapist. From there, you either pay the highest price or you decide to become a member. If you become a member, Massage Envy has signed you to sign a one-year contract in which you agree to be billed monthly for a massage or facial. I wanted to quit my massage-craving subscription, and I recently got a new debit card.