Here are the types of discount agreements in SAP SD: Audit Levels: Whether the system indicates all billing vouchers in the discount agreement on which the rebate is calculated, or the amounts based on the payer, etc. Path: SPRO sales and distribution-bill-delivery-the-reduction agreements defining types of contracts. You may need to create discounts that do not depend on hardware, but The compensation receipt (credit) uses the account key (ERB) to reserve deductions on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Discount management is the process of registering supplier agreements, tracking purchases and sales on the basis of these agreements, as well as timely management of discount limits and fees. Note: Regardless of the equipment used for compensation, only the system automatically creates the request for partial supporting compensation, while the payment of the rebate is made from the discount agreement. Now we know a little about what discounts are and how they work, we look at the parties involved in managing the discounts. Discounts are viewed primarily from two angles: the supplier discount (also known as supplier discounts) and the customer discount, for which the perspective of the discount agreement between the two parties is different. There are many more flavors; too much to cross them all — but you can certainly see how complicated it gets and why it`s so important to have a discount management system! Final count: Here we must indicate the „B1“ file to create Belegra`s discount credit requirement, while the final tally is final to the debitor. Text search procedure: Include the corresponding text search procedure for the discount agreement with the corresponding text identifier. It can be easy to overlook discounts and work on the assumption that your current process is handling the situation, but too often companies will realize that this assumption is wrong and for some time. Establish the agreement of discount sap agreement of head reduction in sap agreement of rebates in sap sd agreement to surrender a condition of acceptance of rebate rebate in sap sd billing process rebate in sap-jus rebate agreement sap-rebate ssap-agreement process deliveryFlow in sap-sd-Rabatt-Process-Process-Ablauf in sap sap sap sd-Rabatt-Vereinbarungs-Process in sap sap rebate agreement configuration sap rebate agreement sap rebate agreement , select the „Check Levels“ symbol from the summary screen for discount agreements. Thus, we can establish partial counts until the total amount of the rebate is paid to the customer.

The discount criteria (customer, customer and equipment, etc.) You should then refer to billing material. The system uses this material when you pay the discount. It doesn`t matter what type of material – the type of carpet application you use. When you create the cond recording with the discount agreement, you will automatically be asked to enter the „No Compensation Material“ material. Discount based on the material group: A discount agreement defines the details of the discount. The agreement indicates that in a standard system. B, four types of discounts are available.