Please contact President Don Shaw ( via video, Stockbridge Central School`s mission is to create the opportunities and environment for every child to study, master and apply the knowledge, skills, values and behaviours necessary for lifelong learning and meaningful participation in a global society. Dear parents and guardians, please remember that the first week back in January will be virtual and non-personal. We will have meals available for the virtual week and December 21 and 22, but to better prepare, please let us know with this survey if your children should use this service. The sooner we know, the better prepared we can be. Thank you for taking some time to complete the survey. Good Morning is Superintendent Kinnarney Posting to inform you all that all WRVSU schools are under a day of distance learning (Thursday, December… 17.) due to dangerous travel conditions. That`s why, in each of our schools, we will offer the collection of meals on the margins. If you want a meal, plan to stay at your school today between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Instructions have been given to students on how distance learning will take place today (Blizzard Bags or via Google classrooms) If you do not know, please contact your child`s teacher or site manager by email.

Please travel safely if you need to be on the road this morning… Jamie Kinnarney Superintendency of Schools White River Valley Supervisory Union Follow this link:…/1FAIpQLSe7U-rvu-bNRJxhh…/viewform… 9. Action Points 9.1 Informed Guidelines Act 9.1.1 A24 Boards/Surintendt Relationship 9.1.2 B22 Personnel Training Materials Complaints 9.1.3 B34 Records Retention 9.1.4 D1 Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements 9.1.5 F28 Disposition of Assets 9.1.6 F29 Investment 9.1.7 F30 Budgeting The public is invited to: Phone by phone with this number and phone. Tap 6 to discover the mute circuit during the public comment area. Conversation fees are regular. RSUD Rochester High School Building Update 12/4, LINK Thanks also for your flexibility with our morning drop-off routine today. As a reminder, cars should always stay at the stop until an employee orders you to leave. This will help us avoid a bottleneck in our driveway.